Affectionately known as “Big D,” Dallas is a city that enjoys sharing its personal warmth with all who will just take a little time to visit with the folks who live and work here. The rich, ethnic diversity of Dallas can be seen in its myriad of neighborhoods. From the historic mansions of Swiss Avenue to the tree-lined streets of University Park, Dallas neighborhoods are as varied in their topography as in their population (1,188,580).

There are so many great neighborhoods and communities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and finding the right one is a challenge when you're coming from outside the region. I would love to help you understand all the options, from beautiful suburbs and subdivisions to city neighborhoods. I will be happy to provide you with insights into local schools, transportation, amenities and more. However, before we get a chance to visit, here is some general info about this great city.

Dallas is on the Trinity River in the center of Dallas County in North Central Texas. It is crossed by Interstate highways 20, 30, 35, and 45. The city was founded by John Neely Bryan, who settled on the east bank of the Trinity near a natural ford in November 1841.

The origin of the name Dallas is unknown. Candidates include George Mifflin Dallas, vice president of the United States, 1845-49; his brother, Commodore Alexander J. Dallas, United States Navy; and Joseph Dallas, who settled near the new town in 1843.



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