What makes one house go on the market, have a number of showings in the first week and have a contract in place shortly thereafter, while an apparently similar house sits on the market for months? Of course, luck may have a little to do with it, but there is a good chance that the quick selling house (and its owner) was prepared to sell, while the other house and owner were not. Although pricing is a very important factor, there are other issues that will have a great deal of effect on whether or not you have a quick sale. Here are some of my tips:

1. Prepare to Sell

As you get ready to sell your home there are usually some simple improvements that can help you get the most for your house and sell it quickly. I would love to share with you a complimentary consultation.

2. Pricing Your Home

Setting the right price before you list is critical to getting the most for your home and selling it quickly. Having a Realtor with experience in your neighborhood who prepares a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) gives you the facts and insight to set the right price for your home.

3. Choose a Realtor

A great agent helps you better understand the selling process and gives you a number of advantages in selling your home. Knowledge of local home values and their expertise in pricing and negotiating are important assets in getting the most for your home.

4. Marketing Your Home

Getting the best price is about bringing the right buyers to your house. This is a combination of a solid marketing plan, targeted exposure, and taking advantage of my network of buyers.


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